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GER BRÖMMEL Lisa22/12/1987----  
GER DIESNER Naima Madlen24/04/1990----  
GER KOEP Christina18/03/1993--11251  
GER KÜLLMER Lisa15/06/19934282210432  
GER LACHER Sophie25/08/1995----  
NED LUST Bianca19/06/1996--10622  
GER LUTTUSCHKA Larissa30/07/1997----  
GER PALLER Tatjana07/09/1995--7417  
GER RAUSCH Lina06/11/1998----  
GER RODIECK Inga01/11/1996568136998  
GER RODIECK Wiebke01/11/19964242336728  
GER STOCK Gudrun23/05/1995--8944  
GER VENJAKOB Katharina28/04/198980468395  
GER WESSELHOEFT Benita29/09/19848515--  
  Number of riders: 14  

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(D) Current points (on 14/10/2017).

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