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13/02/2017 NCT3Nam National Championships Namibia (Windhoek) I.T.T.  
25/02/2017 NC3Nam National Championships Namibia (Windhoek) R.R.  
39/02/2017 NCT2Rsa National Championships South Africa (Wellington) I.T.T.  
411/02/2017 NC2Rsa National Championships South Africa (Wellington) R.R.  
514/02/2017 CCT3Egy African Championships (Luxor) T.T.T.  
616/02/2017 CCT3Egy African Championships (Luxor) I.T.T.  
716/02/201719/02/20172.NEArg Vuelta Femenina a San JuanStages 
818/02/2017 CC3Egy African Championships (Luxor) R.R.  
918/02/201719/02/20172.NEAus Tour of East Gippsland [VRS]Stages 
1023/02/2017 NCT3Col National Championships Colombia () I.T.T.  
1125/02/2017 1.1Bel Omloop Het Nieuwsblad URL
1225/02/2017 NC3Col National Championships Colombia () R.R.  
1326/02/2017 1.1Bel Omloop van het Hageland (Tielt-Winge) URL
1426/02/2017 CCT2Brn Asian Championships () I.T.T..  
1528/02/2017 CC2Brn Asian Championships () R.R.  

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