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2014 Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
 13/06/20142.2sCan 4Tour de Beauce, Stage 3 : Saint-Georges I.T.T.0 
 1/06/20141.1Usa 53Philadelphia Cycling Classic0 
 24/05/2014NCT2Usa 7National Championships United States (Chattanooga) I.T.T.11 
 11/05/2014CCMex 2Pan-American Championships (Puebla) R.R.24 
 8/05/2014CCTMex 2Pan-American Championships (Puebla) I.T.T.12 
 4/05/20142.2Usa 13Tour of the Gila1 
 2/05/20142.2sUsa 3Tour of the Gila, Stage 3 : Tyrone - Tyrone I.T.T.1 
  Total 2014: 49  
2013 Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
 7/09/20131.2Usa 12Bucks County Classic0 
 11/08/20132.1Usa 31Tour of Utah0 
 16/06/20132.2Can 11Tour de Beauce2 
 15/06/20132.2sCan 10Tour de Beauce, Stage 5 : Québec - Québec0 
 14/06/20132.2sCan 1Tour de Beauce, Stage 4 : St-Benoit I.T.T.4 
 11/06/20132.2sCan 9Tour de Beauce, Stage 1 : Lac-Etchemin - Lac-Etchemin0 
 2/06/20131.2Usa 3Philadelphia Cycling Classic8 
 25/05/2013NCT2Usa 10National Championships United States (Chattanooga) I.T.T.5 
 19/05/20132.2Fra 1Paris - Arras Tour25 
 18/05/20132.2sFra leaderParis - Arras Tour, Stage 1 : Margny-les-Compiègne - Beaurains2 
 18/05/20132.2sFra 1Paris - Arras Tour, Stage 1 : Margny-les-Compiègne - Beaurains4 
 12/05/20132.2Lux 3Flèche du Sud14 
 10/05/20132.2sLux 3Flèche du Sud, Stage 3 : Bourscheid - Clervaux1 
  Total 2013: 65  
2012 Team Type 1 - Sanofi
 8/11/20122.1Chn 15Tour of Taihu Lake10 
 1/11/20122.1sChn 2Tour of Taihu Lake, Stage 1 : Binhu - Binhu10 
 28/10/20122.HCChn 53Tour of Hainan0 
 16/09/2012WCTTNed 31World Championships (Sittard - Valkenburg) T.T.T.5 
 2/09/20122.2Bra 16Tour do Rio0 
 26/08/20122.HCUsa 78USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Tour of Colorado0 
 5/08/20122.1Usa 21Tour of Elk Grove0 
 3/08/20122.1sUsa 17Tour of Elk Grove, Prologue : Elk Grove Village I.T.T.0 
 12/07/20122.HCChn 41Tour of Qinghai Lake5 
 3/06/20121.HCUsa 54Philadelphia International Championship0 
 28/05/2012NC2Usa 35National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R.0 
 26/05/2012NCT2Usa 20National Championships United States (Greenville) I.T.T.0 
 29/04/20122.HCTur 91Presidential Tour of Turkey0 
 15/04/20121.2Usa 4Tour of the Battenkill7 
 18/03/20121.1Fra 67GP Cholet - Pays De Loire0 
 12/02/20122.1Fra 122Tour Méditerranéen0 
 4/02/20121.1Ita 83GP Costa degli Etruschi0 
 29/01/20122.2Nzl 9New Zealand Cycle Classic2 
  Total 2012: 39  
2011 Team Type 1 - Sanofi (Trainee as from 1/08)
 27/11/20112.2Rwa 2Tour of Rwanda19 
 26/11/20112.2sRwa 3Tour of Rwanda, Stage 8 : Karongi - Kigali1 
 25/11/20112.2sRwa 6Tour of Rwanda, Stage 7 : Huye - Karongi0 
 24/11/20112.2sRwa leaderTour of Rwanda, Stage 6 : Muhanga - Huye2 
 24/11/20112.2sRwa 9Tour of Rwanda, Stage 6 : Muhanga - Huye0 
 23/11/20112.2sRwa leaderTour of Rwanda, Stage 5 : Rubavu - Muhanga2 
 23/11/20112.2sRwa 6Tour of Rwanda, Stage 5 : Rubavu - Muhanga0 
 22/11/20112.2sRwa leaderTour of Rwanda, Stage 4 : Kigali - Rubavu2 
 22/11/20112.2sRwa 1Tour of Rwanda, Stage 4 : Kigali - Rubavu4 
 20/11/20112.2sRwa 2Tour of Rwanda, Stage 1 : Kigali I.T.T.2 
 28/10/20112.HCChn 64Tour of Hainan0 
 20/09/20112.1Chn 60Tour of China0 
 20/09/20112.1sChn 19Tour of China, Stage 9 : Tianjin - Tianjin0 
 12/09/20112.1sChn 15Tour of China, Stage 3 : Baoji - Feng County0 
 9/09/2011NEChn 2Tour of China, Prologue : Xi'an I.T.T.0 
 3/09/20112.1Ita 86Settimana Lombarda0 
 7/08/20112.2Usa 14Tour of Elk Grove0 
 6/08/20112.2sUsa 9Tour of Elk Grove, Stage 2 : Elk Grove Village0 
  Total 2011: 32  
2010 Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe's
 19/09/2010NC2Usa 27National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R.0 
  Total 2010: 0  
  Overall total: 185  

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