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  Nbr       Rider   Kilometers   RaceDays   CQ  
1USA ANTHONY Jesse2.024,401411
2CAN BRITTON Rob3.661,0026130
3CAN DE VOS Adam3.195,302115
4USA ETTINGER Stephen000
5USA HUFF Charles Bradley178,2010
6USA HUFFMAN Evan4.144,7029190
7USA KLINE Shane660,4050
8USA KUKOLLA Joseph000
9USA KUSS Sepp000
10CAN NAUD Pierrick3.609,90240
11USA ORONTE Emerson2.716,10185
12USA PATE Danny4.087,90280
13CAN ROUTLEY Will1.612,001015
14USA SELANDER Bjorn364,0025
15USA SOLADAY Thomas465,9030
16USA WERNER Kerry000
17USA WHITE Curtis000
18USA YOUNG Eric1.876,70143
19USA ZIRBEL Tom1.271,601018

* Only races of category .1 or above and finished races are counted!

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