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Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2012 RadioShack - Nissan
 13/10/20122.WTChn 61Tour of Beijing5 
 13/10/20122.WTsChn 46Tour of Beijing, Stage 5 : Chang Ping - Ping Gu0 
 12/10/20122.WTsChn 50Tour of Beijing, Stage 4 : Yan Qing - Chang Ping0 
 11/10/20122.WTsChn 91Tour of Beijing, Stage 3 : Men Tou Gou - Badaling Great Wall0 
 10/10/20122.WTsChn 59Tour of Beijing, Stage 2 : Bird’s Nest - Men Tou Gou0 
 9/10/20122.WTsChn 51Tour of Beijing, Stage 1 : Tian An Men Square - Bird’s Nest0 
 9/09/20121.WT2Can 37GP de Montréal5 
 7/09/20121.WT2Can DNFGP de Québec0 
 26/08/20122.HCUsa 57USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Tour of Colorado0 
 24/08/20122.HCsUsa 19USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Tour of Colorado, Stage 5 : Breckenridge - Colorado Springs0 
 12/08/20122.1Usa 42Tour of Utah0 
 8/08/20122.1sUsa 3Tour of Utah, Stage 2 : Tooele T.T.T.1 
 8/07/20122.HCAut 67Österreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria0 
 7/07/20122.HCsAut 6Österreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria, Stage 7 : Podersdorf am Neusiedler See I.T.T.0 
 17/06/20122.1Ned 113Ster ZLM Tour0 
 28/05/2012NC2Usa 30National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R.0 
 26/05/2012NCT2Usa 9National Championships United States (Greenville) I.T.T.7 
 20/05/20122.HCUsa 54Tour of California0 
 18/05/20122.HCsUsa 13Tour of California, Stage 6 : Palmdale - Big Bear Lake0 
 15/04/20122.1Esp 48Vuelta a Castilla y Leon0 
 14/04/20122.1sEsp 18Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, Stage 2 : Avila - Avila0 
 7/04/20122.WTEsp 111Vuelta al Pais Vasco5 
 7/04/20122.WTsEsp 51Vuelta al Pais Vasco, Stage 6 : Oñati - Oñati I.T.T.0 
 6/04/20122.WTsEsp 106Vuelta al Pais Vasco, Stage 5 : Bera - Oñati0 
 5/04/20122.WTsEsp 121Vuelta al Pais Vasco, Stage 4 : Eibar - Bera de Bidasoa (Alto de Ibardin)0 
 4/04/20122.WTsEsp 126Vuelta al Pais Vasco, Stage 3 : Vitoria-Gasteiz - Eibar (Arrate)0 
 3/04/20122.WTsEsp 123Vuelta al Pais Vasco, Stage 2 : Gueñes - Vitoria-Gasteiz0 
 2/04/20122.WTsEsp 142Vuelta al Pais Vasco, Stage 1 : Gueñes - Gueñes0 
 25/03/20122.HCFra 38Critérium International5 
 24/03/20122.HCsFra 12Critérium International, Stage 2 : Porto-Vecchio I.T.T.0 
 4/03/20122.1sBel DNFDriedaagse van West-Vlaanderen, Stage 2 : Nieuwpoort - Ichtegem0 
 29/02/20121.1Bel 37Le Samyn0 
 19/02/20122.1Por 79Volta ao Algarve0 
 7/02/20121.1Esp 94Trofeo Deia0 
 6/02/20121.1Esp 95Trofeo Migjorn0 
  Total 2012: 28  

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