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  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 8/11/2009RSA MCLEOD IanCCNam African Cycling Championships (Windhoek) R.R. 
 6/11/2009RSA THOMSON Jay RobertCCTNam African Cycling Championships (Windhoek) I.T.T. 
 5/06/2009RSA HOFFMANN Nolan2.2sKor Tour de Korea, Stage 1 : Seoul Circuit 
 24/04/2009RSA HUNTER Robert2.1sIta Giro del Trentino, Stage 3 : Tesero - Innervillgraten 
 19/04/2009RSA IMPEY Daryl2.1Tur Presidential Tour of Turkey 
 15/04/2009RSA IMPEY Daryl2.1sTur Presidential Tour of Turkey, Stage 4 : Bodrum - Marmaris 
 12/03/2009RSA VENTER JacoNCT3Rsa National Championships South Africa (Oudtshoorn) I.T.T. 
 10/03/2009RSA BALL JamieNC3Rsa National Championships South Africa (Oudtshoorn) R.R. 
 8/03/2009RSA BROWN Arran1.2Rsa Giro del Capo IV - Cape Town 
 4/03/2009RSA HUNTER Robert1.2Rsa Giro del Capo I - Wellington 
 13/02/2009RSA HUNTER Robert2.1sFra Tour Méditerranéen, Stage 4 : Greasque - Bouc-Bel-Air 
 15/01/2009RSA BALL Jamie2.1sGab La Tropicale Amissa Bongo Ondimba (Tabo), Stage 3 : Leconi - Franceville 
  Total: 12  

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