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  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 7/11/2009NZL BLACKGROVE Heath2.2Nzl Tour of Southland 
 6/11/2009NZL BEVIN Patrick2.2sNzl Tour of Southland, Stage 7 : Winton - Te Anau 
 5/11/2009NZL YATES Jeremy2.2sNzl Tour of Southland, Stage 6 : Lumsden - Crown Range 
 4/11/2009NZL MCCAULEY Gordon2.2sNzl Tour of Southland, Stage 5 : Tuatapere - Winton 
 4/11/2009NZL BEVIN Patrick2.2sNzl Tour of Southland, Stage 4 : Invercargill - Tuatapere 
 3/11/2009NZL HUTCHINGS Logan2.2sNzl Tour of Southland, Stage 3 : Invercargill - Gore 
 2/11/2009NZL BAUER Jack2.2sNzl Tour of Southland, Stage 2 : Invercargill - Bluff Hill 
 31/08/2009NZL HENDERSON GregoryGT2sEsp Vuelta a España, Stage 3 : Zutphen - Venlo 
 19/07/2009NZL FARMER LeeNC4Bah National Championships Bahamas R.R. 
 20/06/2009NZL CHADWICK Glen Alan2.2sCol Vuelta a Colombia, Stage 13 : Tunja - Bogota 
 24/05/2009NZL HENDERSON Gregory2.PTsEsp Volta a Catalunya, Stage 7 : Sant Cugat - Montmelo 
 28/04/2009NZL CHADWICK Glen Alan2.1sEsp Vuelta a Asturias, Stage 1 : Oviedo - Llanes 
 5/03/2009NZL HENDERSON Gregory2.1sEsp Vuelta a la Region de Murcia, Stage 2 : Las Torres de Cotillas - Caravaca 
 1/03/2009NZL HENDERSON Gregory1.1Esp Clasica de Almeria 
 25/01/2009NZL VENNELL Jeremy2.2sNzl Tour of Wellington, Stage 6 : Wellington I.T.T. 
 24/01/2009NZL WILLS Ryan2.2sNzl Tour of Wellington, Stage 4 : Masterton - Masterton 
 11/01/2009NZL MCCAULEY GordonNC4Nzl National Championships New Zealand (Te Awamutu) R.R. 
 9/01/2009NZL VENNELL JeremyNCT4Nzl National Championships New Zealand (Te Awamutu) I.T.T. 
  Total: 18  

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